Emma Louise Diest

Emma Louise Diest is an artist based in Amsterdam. Born in The Netherlands, she began painting at a very young age. She studied literature and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam while working in fashion, the influence of which remains recognisable in her work today. Living in London, she drew on her studies to develop a more diverse lens for viewing art as a narrative tool for understanding society, history and culture. Back in the Netherlands, she became active in broadcasting, first as a news anchor for the radio station of Amsterdam and later starting her own radio show dedicated to art and craftsmanship called Atelier Amsterdam, featuring interviews with prominent members of society and culture. She is now a radio broadcaster and journalist for the public-service radio channel NPORadio1, in the show Humberto. The artist’s perspective and background is an ongoing theme explored in the work of Emma Louise Diest. Through her oeuvres, we gain a glimpse into the imaginary world of the artist. Life in all its fullness becomes visible in the movement of the body and the subtle expression of the face.

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